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Chinese version:让你的windows命令行体验更佳

I believe that we are all tortured by the poor command line experience of windows, so, instead of waiting for Microsoft’s bounced ticket, it is better for us to pile up plug-ins to improve the command line experience.

install git for windows

Open [git official website] ( to download the Standalone version git and install it

Click next all the way during installation

Configure git environment variables

win + r, enter sysdm.cpl


then hit enter

Select Advanced Environment Variables



Then double-click path in the system variable


Click on New

Enter respectively (p.s. The default git installation directory is C:\Program Files\Git)

(The following %git installation directory% is a variable and does not need to add %)

%git installation directory%\cmd
%git installation directory%\mingw64\bin
%git installation directory%\usr\bin

Then click ok and close the window

Install sudo for windows (gsudo)

github project address

win + r, enter powershell

winget install gerardog.gsudo

Install wget for windows (GNU WGET)

GNU Wget is a simple and powerful free software download on the Internet, which is itself part of the GNU project. Its name is a combination of “World Wide Web” and “Get”, which also implies the main function of the software. Currently it supports downloading via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP, the three most common TCP/IP protocols.

wget download link

Follow the previous step to add environment variables

%GNU installation path%\bin

install tcping

Download link

Copy the downloaded file to C:\windows\system32