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Chinese version:使用Microsoft开源工具PowerToys提升你的windows使用体验

I believe that when you use windows, you must have encountered some useful functions that windows does not come with.😦

Recently, a free open source tool from Microsoft has aroused my interest and made me feel very amazing. It is PowerToys, let me introduce this *gadget integration *software.

Below I will recommend some small functions in PowerToys that I really need:

Practical function recommendation

Text extraction tool (OCR)


As its introduction says, its function is to “frame select screenshots, extract text and copy with one click”

Editor’s evaluation: The recognition rate of this tool is very accurate, but the recognized text has spaces, as shown in the figure below.

Original Picture.png

(The above is the original image for identification)

(The following is the recognized text)


(The recognized text is 文本提取器功能由系统 OCR 识别包提供 , 可按需安装更多语言)

Domain name (Hosts) modifier


As the introduction said, the function of this tool is to graphically modify hosts


batch rename


Function: Simple file renaming tool, can search and replace file names.

How to use: Select several files, right-click , and select Batch Rename in the right-click menu


(Batch renaming supports regular expressions)

Meeting Assistant


Function: Allow users to mute the microphone and turn off the camera with one click during a remote meeting.

Of course, this tool is definitely more than the above functions

Install PowerToys

After the above introduction, you must want to know how to install this software

Github installation

Github releases

Download your corresponding .exe installation package and install

winget install

open powershell


winget install Microsoft.PowerToys --source winget

Microsoft store installation

Microsoft Store

For Chinese users (install Chinese package)

PowerToys Chinese unofficial GH link

Alternate download installation package and Sinicization [Blue Cloud] Password: zeta

Usage Usage

① Install the original PowerToys software:

Download the .exe installation package and install the PowerToys software

② One-click installation optimization patch package:

Download PCTMODx***.7z (with automatic installation program), run “Install.CMD” after decompression, and confirm the installation according to the prompt